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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Women who experience incontinence or pelvic pain may have an underlying condition that can be treated without surgery. This nonsurgical treatment is called pelvic floor rehabilitation. It involves strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles that span the bottom of the pelvis and stabilize the pelvic organs — the bladder, bowel and uterus. Pelvic floor muscles can lose their strength over time, often due to aging, pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, obesity, or illness. When pelvic floor muscles no longer work properly, it’s called pelvic floor dysfunction, or PFD.

PFD symptoms can include:

Non- Surgical Treatment of PFD

While a surgical procedure called a suburethral sling can help stop urinary incontinence, many women’s health medical practices also offer a nonsurgical treatment option called pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a process that strengthens pelvic floor muscles through the use of electrical muscle stimulation and pelvic muscle exercises (also known as “kegels”), which can be done at home. By using biofeedback sensors placed on the vaginal wall to measure muscle tone and strength, individual exercise regimens can be designed to address specific muscles. The sensors can also be used to measure progress. Depending on the symptoms, other approaches such as vaginal estrogen, incontinence devices, and counseling for behavior modification may be used as well.

Results of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Laury Berkwitt, APRN, Garofalo Obgyn, NorwalkIn our practice, typical treatments include an initial consultation with Laury Berkwitt and six to eight follow-up visits. Most patients notice an improvement by the third visit. In one recent study of nearly 700 pelvic floor rehabilitation patients, symptoms had improved by an average of 80% after five visits.

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Are you experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction? We can develop a pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment plan that is right for you. To schedule a consultation with Laury Berkwitt, click here. If you have any questions regarding our pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment, please feel free to call Dr. Garofalo’s office at (203) 855-3535.

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