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da Vinci Surgery and Hysterectomy

In my last blog, I mentioned that da Vinci surgery provides precision that’s crucial when working in close proximity to delicate organs like the bladder. In addition, the camera technology provides a great deal of detail. If you’re facing the prospect of surgery and you think of the kind of surgery you’d prefer to have, hopefully words like detail and precision are ones that come to mind.

This combination of detail and precision makes da Vinci very well suited for a variety of surgery types and procedures, including several that I do regularly as part of my medical practice. For this blog I thought I’d talk about da Vinci surgery and hysterectomy.

Not your mother’s hysterectomyaverage woman 2

If your mother or grandmother had a hysterectomy, it was probably done vaginally or through a horizontal incision in the abdomen. She probably stayed in the hospital for about six days, with a recovery period that lasted four weeks or longer. In comparison, women who have a da Vinci hysterectomy can expect to stay in the hospital for about one day, followed by about a week of recovery.

As a minimally invasive procedure, the da Vinci hysterectomy is a much simpler and less traumatic experience. Instead of a long incision, da Vinci hysterectomy uses five small incisions, spaced across the abdomen. Compared to open abdominal surgery, there’s less bleeding, less pain, minimal scarring, quicker recovery, a shorter hospital stay, and a lower likelihood of complications.

Here are a few quotes from women who have had da Vinci hysterectomies, including one of my own patients. These quotes and many others can be found on www.davincistories.com.

“I am truly amazed how quickly I was able to recover after having major surgery. My incisions were minimal, my recovery was quick.” – Maureen, Madison CT

“The da Vinci procedure has transformed the surgical procedure from a long, difficult recovery to a relatively painless, quick procedure with very little downtime. It is perfect for active working people who don’t have six weeks to be down.” – Anne, Enfield CT

“I had my surgery a week before Christmas, and I was up to entertaining for the holidays.” – Tina, West Suffield CT

More information

If you’d like more information or to see a da Vinci hysterectomy testimonial, go to this page on my website. The testimonial video is at the bottom:


If you need additional information, you can click on any of the links below, or you can contact my office directly. In my next blog, I’ll write about another condition called myomectomy that can also be treated using da Vinci.

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