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Notes on Women's Health
Notes on Women's Health

Tag: Connecticut

da Vinci surgery and endometriosis

In the last few months I’ve blogged about several different surgery types that can be performed using the da Vinci Surgical System. (If you’re new to this blog, the da Vinci Surgical System uses five very small abdominal incisions and state-of-the-art remote control technology to convert my hand movements from a console a few feet away into precise movement of da Vinci surgical instruments.) Another condition that can be treated using the da Vinci Surgical System is endometriosis. Read More

Essure permanent birth control: risks and benefits

(PART 2)

In my last blog I wrote about Essure, a relatively new procedure that offers a highly effective option for permanent birth control. One of the best ways to evaluate whether or not a medical procedure is right for you is to look at it in terms of its risks and benefits. Here are some more questions and answers that I hope will help you with your decision.

Is the Essure procedure effective?

While no form of birth control is 100% effective, fewer than one in 100,000 pregnancies occur when tubal blockage has been confirmed by the three-month test. The Essure procedure is the only birth control method with zero pregnancies in clinical trials.

Is the Essure procedure safe?

Studies have shown that the Essure procedure is safe. However, as with most birth control methods, there are risks. In some cases one or both Essure coils may not place properly in the Fallopian tubes and may have to be re-applied.

Is the Essure procedure painful?

In most cases the pain of an Essure procedure is far less and shorter-lasting than the pain often associated with Read More

Stamford Town Center Hosts daVinci Robotic Surgical System Demonstration

Where: Stamford Town Center
What: daVinci Robotic Surgical System Demonstrationon
When: Saturday, September 26 from 1-7pm

For anyone interested in learning more about DaVinci surgery for the treatment  of women’s health conditions, I urge you to stop by The Stamford Town Center this Saturday between 1 and 7pm.  I will be demonstrating the DaVinci surgical system along with Urologist, Jonathan E. Bernie, M.D., Chief of Robotic Surgery at Norwalk Hospital. Read More